This data set is a by-product of my continuous studies of fossil voles. It is by no means complete or entirely free of errors. The taxonomic placement of species in genera is according to my current views. Some vole taxa (like Mimomys) and countries (like Russia and Ukraine) are over-represented, the others are nearly neglected. Species lists for localities contain only vole forms.

We coined the name "Arvibase" together with my dear colleague Dr. Bob Martin some years ago in our early attempt to put extensive arvicolid data on the Internet. The present data set is not at all very extensive but hopefully will be more like that in future.

These pages were generated by the very efficient PaleoTax database software created and developed by Dr. Hannes Loeser ( Due to tremendous efforts of Hannes the program keeps on getting better. Therefore, I expect the correlated increase in quality of these pages too.

Currently Arvivase contains: 994 References, 123 Genera, 422 Species, 534 Localities, and 1481 Citations.

Alexey Tesakov

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