INQUA Loess+Carbon Commissions, Joint Workshop Meeting

May 26 -- June 1, 2003, Moscow, Russia


S.D. Balykova, T.V. Andreeva. Some aspects of formation of loess soils collapsibility.

L.I. Basilevskaya, A.I. Vvedenskaya, N.G. Sudakova. Loess loams of central area of Russian Plain.

A.B. Boguckyj, K. Cyrek, M. Lanczont, T. Madeyska, O.S. Sytnyk. Middle Paleolithic stratigraphy in Podolia and East Carpathian Foreland, Ukraine.

A.B. Boguckyj, M. Lanczont. Loess stratigraphy in the western part of Ukraine.

A.B. Boguckyj, M. Lanczont, B. Lacka, T. Madeyska, C. Seul, P. Zawidzki. Stable isotope geochemistry of terrestrial, lacustrine and fluvial sediments in the Skala Podil'ska sequence, Ukraine.

N.P. Chizhikova, M.M.Pakhomov, A.M. Prokashev, S.A. Pupysheva. Peculiar mineralogical composition of the mantle loess-like loams in Vyatsk Kama region.

J. Chlachula and R.A. Kemp. The last interglacial climate history in the loess region of southern Siberia.

G.A. Danukalova. Loess deposits of the Upper Neopleistocene (the Southern Urals Region).

E.V. Deviatkin. Pleistocene pluvial basins of Asia.

K.G. Dlussky. Loess/paleosol sequences of the Central East European Plain and their preservation.

A.E. Dodonov, T.A. Sadchikova, A.N. Simakova, and L.P. Zhou. Litho-mineralogical properties and palynological records of loess-paleosol formation in Darai Kalon, Southern Tadjikistan: Multidisciplinary approach for paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

A.E. Dodonov and L.P. Zhou. Loess geochronology in Central Asia: Stratigraphic and paleogeographic aspects.

A.N. Drenova. Secondary activation of dune massifs - cause and effect.

A.A. Eremeev. Palynological characteristic of the loess deposits of the Upper Neopleistocene (the Southern Urals Region).

I.V. Foronova. Pleistocene large mammal faunas from the subaerial sediments of southwestern Siberia (Kuznetsk Basin).

N.I. Glushankova. Stratigraphy and interregional correlation of the Pleistocene loess-paleosol sequences of the Central and Eastern Russian Plain.

N.I. Glushankova and A.V. Evseev. Paleostages of soil formation during the Pleistocene in the Upper Ob' River reaches as a basis for stratigraphical subdivision and reconstruction of natural environment.

N.I. Glushankova, A.V. Evseev. Paleopedological reconstructions of the natural ecogeochemical environment.

S.V. Gubin. Viable organisms within permafrost and their participation in formation of modern biocenosis of cryolithozone.

P. Haesaerts, I. Borziak, V. Chirica, F. Damblon, L. Koulakovska. The East Carpathian loess-paleosol record: A reference for the Middle and Late Pleniglacial stratigraphy in Central Europe. Yu.I. Iossifova, V.V. Semenov. Loess-soil complex of the Early Middle Pleistocene of the Upper Don basin (Central Russia).

M. Komar, M. anczont, T. Madeyska, A.B. Boguckyj. Differences in Late Pleistocene loess-paleosol and flora successions between sites: Tarnawce (Carpathian Foothills, Poland)==and Yezupil (Carpathian Foreland, Ukraine).

N.B. Levina, N.Yu. Filippova. Genesis and age of loess-like deposits, east slope of Southern Ural.

N.G. Mavlyanova, H.L. Rakhmatullaev. Manifestation of seismic effect in loess soils on the territory of Uzbekistan.

A.A. Nikonov. Timing of deglaciation in the Eastern Baltic Region based on available 14C data.

E.Yu. Novenko. Reconstruction of vegetation and climate of Late Valdai glacial epoch in the Central East European Plain (based on pollen records from loess).

Z.V. Sharonova, O.V. Pilipenko, V.M. Trubikhin, A.G. Fein, A.N. Didenko. Fine structure of the geomagnetic field and climate in the Late Pleistocene.

S. Shick. Glaciations and interglaciations in the centre of the European Russia.

A.A. Sinitsyn, E.A. Spiridonova, V.V. Gernik, E.G. Gus'kova, J. Van Der Plicht. Stratigraphy and chronology of OIS 3 on the key-section at Kostenki 14 (Markina Gora), Voronezh, Central Russia.

H. Sirenko. First data on the Early Neopleistocene vegetation of Zhitomir Polessia (according to results of palynological studies).

S.A. Sycheva. The Shnitnikov's century rhythm in Holocene soil-lithogenic units in the Russian Plain.

A.S. Tesakov, A.E. Dodonov, V.V. Titov, V.M. Trubikhin. Geological settings of small mammal faunas in the east of the Sea of Azov.

S.N. Timireva, A.A. Velichko. Latitudinal variations in the Late Pleistocene loess formation on the East European Plain (based on sand grain morphoscopy).

I.A. Volkov, V.S. Volkova. Geological information from subaerial sequence as the basic direction in further study of Pleistocene.

A.M. Yatsyshyn, R.Ya. Dmytruk. Surface loess-soil complexes of Dniester terraces.

A.V. Yershova. Modelling of alluvial loess rocks subsidence formation.

O.G. Zanina. Formation of synlithogenetic ice-loess deposits of Kolyma Lowland (concerning to analysis of buried rodent burrows).