Laboratory of Quaternary Stratigraphy: Memory

Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Eleonora Vangengeim (1930-2012)
Dr.  geol. miner. sci, leading sci. employee of Geological Institute RAS

Biostratigraphy and evolution of Neogene and Quaternary mammals of Plaearctics

E.A.Vangengeim (2012)

To the memory of  E.A.Vangengeim: Geol. Inst. RAS, April 11, 2012
Memorial meeting devoted to E.A.Vangengeim  at the 62th seesion of the Russian Paleontological Society, Saint-Petersburg, April 6 , 2016
E.A.Vangengeim: scientific contributions

Andrey Dodonov (1940-2008) 
Stratigraphy and paleoenvironments of the Plio-Pleistocene of Central Asia and East Europe. Geology of loess formation.

Staff member  from 1972 till 2008
Head of the Laboratory from 2004 till 2008

A.E.Dodonov (2008) (in Russian)
70th anniversary of Andrey Dodonov: collection of photographs (2010)
Andrey Dodonov (1940-2008): list of some publications
Andrey Dodonov

Evgeniy Devyatkin (1932-2004)
Cenozoic geology of Inner Asia

Head of the Laboratory from 1989 till 2004
Obituary (2006)
Evgenii Devyatkin